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Below is a portfolio of statement-making modern house designs.  I use clean lines, geometric shapes, and contrasting materials to create dynamic and elegant spaces that are both functional and aesthetic.  Brochures are available, and in most cases draft plans can be purchased and downloaded.

House Design HS3918 Left-Front View

House Design HS3918

Clean, contemporary architecture with two large living areas, including a double height atrium/lounge.

Floor Area 510m2

Room Icons
5                 3               2                4

House Design SA2452

Two angled hyperbolic paraboloids create a stylish sweeping roof form extending to ground level.  The roof line lifts to expansive glass walls with the potential to create sweeping landscape views.

Floor Area 557m2

Room Icons
5                 3               2                4
House Design SA2452 - Front 3d View
House Design TR7049 - Atrium 3d View

House Design TR7049

This striking design uses solid leaning beams to create a large spacious atrium.  A distinctive floating staircase sets off the space, along with a kitchen area, under a cantilevered ceiling, recessed into one of the beams.  

Floor Area 601 m2

Room Icons
5                 4               2                4

House Design AP8231

This stunning architecture is based on a tiered set of organic curves.  The right side tiering forms something of a natural amphitheatre over-looking a potential outdoor living and pool area.  The large main entrance features a prominent staircase shown in the gallery opposite.

Floor Area 560m2

Room Icons
5                 4               2                3
House Design AP8231 - Front-Right 3d View
House Design WF5231 - Front 3d View

House Design WF5231

A large sweeping wave design provides an impact-making frontage to this home.  Curves and waves are continued in the interior in a two-storey lounge/living/dining atrium.

Floor Area 652 m2

Room Icons
5                 4               2                4

House Design IP4827

A large integrated terrace and pergola provide an expansive outdoor living space with the potential for barbeque facilities, all-weather furniture and planting arrangements.  Strong clean lines create a stand-out design.

Floor Area 454m2

Room Icons
4                 3               2                4
House Design IP4827 Front 3d View
House Design SC5015 - Right 3d View

House Design SC5015

With strong curved lines this innovative house design uses two opposing arc sections to create a stunning interior atrium (see images & floor layouts in the slider gallery opposite).  The clean plastered exterior surfaces are broken up with large glass curtain walls and balanced with horizontal and vertical shaders.

Floor Area 573m2

Room Icons
5                 4               3                4

House Design BW4604

The stylised form of a breaking wave is used to create this beautiful home.  A brochure containing 3D views and 3D floor plans is available for download.  Detailed plans are currently being developed.

Floor Area 502m2

Room Icons
4                 3               2                3
House Design BW4604 - Front View

House Design AT1045

The centrepiece of this house design is large atrium with indoor pools and planted surrounds. From level 2 mezzanines outside the bedrooms and over the wide entrance foyer, overlook the atrium on three sides.

Floor Area 632m2

Room Icons
5                 4               3                4
House Design AT1045 - Rear 3d View

House Design AR2913

A prominent cantilevered angled roof protrudes above a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, which exposes an angled textured concrete wall backing the entrance foyer.  The mono-pitched roof sections fall to a central water collection tank which can be used for appropriate domestic services.

Floor Area 550m2

Room Icons
4                 2               2                3
House Design AR2913 - Front 3d View
House Design TA0202 - High 3d View

House Design TA0202

Two triangular roof sections with curved baselines are aligned at opposite angles to create an eye-catching entrance foyer.  Extensive full height glass walls are features of the living and bedroom areas.

Floor Area 542m2

Room Icons
4                 2               2                4

House Design TW9236

The contemporary architecture of this house features a central sheltered courtyard allowing all year round outdoor living.  Three symmetric radial wings include expansive glass walls in the living and bedroom areas, providing outstanding outlooks for those areas.

Floor Area 555m2

Room Icons
5                 3               2                4
House Design TW9236 - Front 3d View
House Design PR2914 - Rear 3d View

House Design PR2914

Framed by graceful pairs of arches, this three-storey home replicates outdoor living in an expansive glass covered atrium. Mezzanines, with hanging plants, provide outlooks into the atrium.

Floor Area 655m2

Room Icons
5                 4               3                4
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