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Terms & Conditions


1.  Services


I offer the following services:


1.1.  Portfolio House Designs


3d renders of the portfolio of existing house designs can be viewed on this website.  This includes: exterior views, interior views and 3d floor plans.  Brochures containing these images can be downloaded from the website.


Customers can also purchase online, and download, draft plans and CAD models, for these homes.  These show: dimensioned floor Plans, elevations, cross sections and indicative steelwork where applicable.  Plans need to be finalised with some details, and checked for local building code compliance, in the country where construction is to take place.


1.2.House Visualizations


From your 2d house plans I will produce a series of 3d photo-realistic views of your home. This includes 3d floor plans, an interior view, and if the option is selected, exterior views.

2.  What You Can Expect from Me


  • The above digital products will be delivered as described on the website and above.

  • The quality of the deliverables will be as described on the website and as shown in the examples and in the Gallery.

  • Products will be completed in the specified timeframes.

  • All personal information needed to deliver products will be treated as strictly confidential and not shared with any other party, except where needed for secure payments.  Data is held on servers behind a secure firewall. Further details are shown in the Privacy Policy.

  • Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal account using  secure, SSL certified links to PayPal or Stripe.

  • Submitted customer 2d house plans will be used solely for the creation of 3d views and plans; and will deleted upon completion of the order.



3.What I Expect from You


  • My designs and plans are my intellectual property and are subject to copyright.  These are not to be reproduced (electronically or on paper) except for the purposes of completion of design or construction of a house for an authorized client.

  • Submitted 2d plans are to be authentic, genuine house plans, which are the legitimate property of the owner or to which you have legitimate access.

  • A valid customer email address is required for electronic delivery of products and for invoicing.

  • After delivery of ordered Visualizations, you agree to pay the invoice provided for the published fee.

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