Example 2D Floor Plan
Example 3D View - 1
Example 2D Elevation

Are you finding it difficult to visualize

from your plans, how your new house will actually look?

For a modest fee, we can produce high quality, photo-realistic 3D views of your new home

from the plans.

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  • Simply send us copies of the relevant parts of your plans (see below).

  • Within five business days we will send you four high resolution 3D views (similar to the one shown above), along with a 3D view of the floor layout (similar to the example shown in ‘Deliverables’ below).

  • The cost is USD 40, payable on delivery.   However extra large houses, with an area greater than 700 m2 (7,700 sq ft) will be subject to supply and acceptance of a quote.

2D Plans to 3D Floor Layout

2D Plan to 3D Floor Layout
Hdg Graphic.png

How to Order

  • Bring up an Order Form by clicking or tapping the ‘Order Form’ button below.

  • Fill out the form.

  • Complete the form by uploading photos (or scanned images) of your:

- Floor Plans**, for each floor with at least one dimension in each.

- Elevations

Note: using a phone, choose 'Files' rather than 'Camera' to select multiple images from your Gallery.

**  If the Roof Outline & Ridge Lines are missing from the Floor Plans, please attach a separate Roof Plan.

Hdg Graphic.png

Plans Protection

  • The ownership of all copies of the Client’s house plans submitted to John Edmonds Design, remain with the Client, and will be the property of the Client.

  • John Edmonds Design will use those copies solely and exclusively for the preparation of the 3D views for the Client.

  • Upon completion of the work, all copies of the Client’s plans, and any derivatives of those used to create the 3D views, will be deleted from John Edmonds Design’s systems.

Hdg Graphic.png


Upon completion of the work, high resolution (300 dpi, @ 6.5” wide) image files, as described below, will be emailed to the Client.  These files will be in jpg format.

  • Three 3D exterior views, including one showing the front of the house.  (See example here).

Example 3D View 2
  • One 3D interior view (see example here).

Example interior View
  • A 3D floor layout view for each floor.  (See example here).

Example Floor Layout

The email containing the 3D images, will also contain an invoice, and a link to a secure payment facility.