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Creative House Plans

Dimensioned Plans available Online

If you are building a new home, you have a rare opportunity to express your creativity. Welcome you to John Edmonds Design, your leading source of some of the best creative house plans, and where you can get some great ideas for your new  build. Talk to us today for new plans or visit our Designs and Plans tabs to view the options that we have.
To commission a striking new design, drawing on all that you hoped for, contact us as shown below.

When it comes to getting the right information needed for constructing a house, the best architect should come into play. If you have been looking for one, but it has all been in vain, search no further, and speak to the experts.  The person you need, is John Edmonds, the Principal behind John Edmonds Design. 
With tested and proven experience in designing his own homes over 35 years, expertise in IT and construction project management, and a deep passion for architecture, John is determined to provide the most creative house plans for you.

About John Edmonds Design

Innovative House Plans

Rather than simply providing safety and shelter, John Edmonds Design believes homes should be visually exciting. They are usually one of the most expensive investments we make, and they should exhibit all of their possible potential. We want to be bold and innovative with our designs, while at the same time providing timelessness and asset protection in the designs; and delivering constructability and high quality in the plans.

We have the skills and creativity to supply exceptional and innovative house plans.

Contact Us

Have a look through our portfolio of existing creative designs and plans.  Any of these can be purchased and downloaded online.
Alterntively talk to us  to discuss a custom design by calling +64 27 489-5306 or emailling:

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