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Innovative Home Designs

Dimensioned Plans available Online

You deserve to live in a home that is special. This means identifying, or developing, designs and plans that realize the home you have been imagining. If you are not sure what you are looking for, you can talk to John at John Edmonds Design for well thought-out and executed innovative home designs. For a free consultation and quote, make the move today.

John Edmond Design is home to some of the most authentic and innovative residential architecture. The  creative designer behind it, John Edmonds, has been in the industry for more than 35 years and has designed his own four homes. Coupled up with his skills and experience in IT, construction project management, and a passion for architecture, he has become the architect that you would want to have on your project. Talk to John today and let him know what we can do for you.

About John Edmonds Design

Stunning Home Design

If you are looking for designs, you can use for your new home, visit our Designs tab and check the different options that we have. The options include floor layouts for all rooms and sizes, overall sizes, 3D Views, and downloadable brochures. Once you select any, you can purchase and download the designs, plans and CAD design files online.
We understand that you may want some modifications to our existing designs. If these are minor, we can do them without charge if they will take no more than three days. However, if the changes are major, we will provide a quote for the work.  For work costing more than $1,000, a 20% deposit will be required.

Custom Home Designs

We also work on custom designs depending on your needs and preferences. If you do not find  the house you want in our catalog, John can  develop a custom  design for you. This will be through two stages, the Concept  Design stage, and the completion of  more detailed Plans. Once everything is completed, you will  receive a hard copy of the plan and a CAD model in dwg format.

Get Started

Feel free to talk to John Edmonds  regards the home design  you are after. Call +64 27 489-5306, or email, for a quick consultation and quotation.

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