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Building a home without plans that are both accurate, and reflect fully the aesthetics you want, for the substantial financial investment you are making, will only result in disappointment and frustration. With the innovative house plans created by John Edmonds Design, you can be assured of a commitment to produce plans which fully realize creative design, incorporating all the elements you have been imagining.

To have confidence in the production of exciting house plans, browse our design portfolio, or talk to us today for a free consultation.

About Us

About Us

John Edmonds, the Principal behind John Edmonds Design, has honed his architecture skills for over 35 years now. He has designed, and developed the plans for, all of his homes over that time; testing and validating the constructability of his designs, and the accuracy of the plans. In addition, he is skilled and experienced in construction project management, has top-rated IT skills, and has an underlying passion for architecture. Thanks to over three decades of hands-on skills and experience, he is your go-to person who can be relied on to produce innovative house plans and designs.

Unique House Designs

We already have a catalog of plans on our website. You can view them by following the Designs and Plans tabs. Anything shown there can be purchased and downloaded online. If you need minor modifications, they will be free of charge. Major changes, or custom developments, will be subject to comparatively moderate fees. Refer to the Services tab for details.

If you do not find a house plan that suits you in our catalog, John

would be pleased to work with you to identify the overall style and key elements that you are looking for. He can quickly produce Concept Plans, typically in two or three weeks, based on your requirements. These plans will include photo-realistic 3D views, and fly-arounds if you wish, along with stylized floor layouts. If you wish to proceed, we will then provide a quote for the completion of Detailed Plans as described under the Plans tab.

The Costs

The cost of the Concept Design stage can typically be expected to be in the region of US $1,500 - $2,500; and the Detailed Plans stage, of the order of US $1,500 - $3,000.
Fees below $1,000 will be due on completion.  Otherwise, we will require a deposit of 20%,  with the balance due upon completion. 

Contact Us

Feel free to browse the existing designs and look at the plan previews.  Also you can get in touch  by calling +64 27 489-5306 or emailing