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Stunning House Designs

Dimensioned Plans available Online

Have you ever been to a new neighborhood and wondered about, and was amazed by, the house designs? Did you think some people  were lucky to get superb architects to  prepare their stunning house designs? Well, we believe we all need to live in a home that is more than just a box with a square or rectangular shape. So if you agree, why not review the designs shown here, or talk to us at John Edmonds Design for the most stunning house ideas?

About John Edmonds Design

His love for stunning houses and designing the plans for his four homes, was the reason John Edmonds set out to use his skills further. He has made it his primary goal to help other homeowners-to-be to have the best aesthetics when it comes to house designs and plans. With his skills and experience in IT, construction project management, and a keen interest in architecture, he is your go-to guy for house designs that can meet your aesthetic needs and preferences.

Awesome House Designs

If you need the best and most appealing house designs in New Zealand, then welcome home. Here you can review some of the best designs that John has already  produced, and select the one that appeals the most. Better yet, if you cannot find the ideal, John is open to drawing new plans for you, depending on your needs, tastes, and preferences.

Striking House Designs

We understand the  creative options that  many homeowners  are looking for. They range from organic curves to solid vertical curves, strong curved lines, large atriums with indoor landscapes, and cantilevered angled roofing protruding above floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The best thing is that you decide what we will draw, and review it before we conclude our business.

How it Works

Below is how our design approach works:

  • You provide us with your principal requirements, including the style, key features, number of rooms, garage space, and approximate total floor area. We develop a concept plan with 3D views and floor layouts. We will then  provide a free quote with a 20% deposit if you agree to move on with the plan.

  • Developing the plans including: dimensioned floor plans, cross sections, roof layouts, and elevations, then follows. If you approve the quote for this, we will then prepare the plan and issue them in A3 hardcopy (PDF) and CAD model formats.

Do not hesitate to contact us now for your house design. Call +64-27-489-5306 or email for inquiries.

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