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Unique House Plans

Dimensioned Plans available Online

Don’t get frustrated with the delays and misspending when constructing a house without a design. It will not only cost more retrospectively drawing and redrawing plans, but it will affect your project timelines too. To be on the safe side though, why not get in touch with John Edmonds Design and have unique house design plans reliably prepared to a high standard, and with a high degree of innovation?

If you wonder why your neighbors have the best and most appealing houses in your neighborhood, then we have the answer for you. It is because they entrusted their projects to unique architects, with an eye for creativity, and had the best plans drawn for them. You, too, can get unique home plans and get the very best from your investment, if you entrust your project to John Edmond Design. This is your go-to source for excellence in home  architecture and plans.

About John Edmonds Design

Excellence in House Building Plans

At John Edmonds Design, we have unique house plans for every client. You can either choose from one of the many plans in our existing portfolio; or discuss with John refinement of existing designs and plans, or development of total new custom designs. This would be carried out in two stages: firstly the preparation of Concept Plans in close consultation with the client. A quote will be provided for that work, typically taking two to three weeks to complete. Secondly, a quote will be provided for the preparation of Detailed Plans based on the Concept Plan. Detailed Plans typically take of the order of two months to complete.

Minor modifications to existing plans (those expected to take no more than 3 days) will be carried out without charge. However, significant modifications attract moderate fees. More details can be found under the Services tab.

Contact Us

Now that you know the process, why not browse the existing design portfolio, or contact John on  +64 27 489-5306 for a free consultation, or email to:

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