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House Plans & CAD Models

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Plans Rider


The plans show the principal information required for construction (refer to ‘Contents’ below), but not all required detail.  They are NOT FULL CONSTRUCTION plans.




The plans include: dimensioned floor plans, elevations, cross sections, roof measurements and suggested steelwork for those designs likely to require that.


Thumbnails of the plans are shown once a house is selected from the catalog below.



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Not Included


The following detail is not included, and should be added by an architectural draught-person, who is familiar with the building code and by-laws in the applicable jurisdiction.  CAD files of the house design, in dwg format, are made available to assist with that.


Where steelwork is required, the suggested steelwork (included in the CAD model), requires the addition of jointing detail and an assessment of loads and strength by a qualified structural engineer.  Any modifications required by the engineer, need to be made by the draught-person.


The following are also not included: foundation details; wall framing details & bracing; roof truss design and roofing details; exterior door & window details including weather-proofing; and services (such as electricity & lighting, gas, storm-water and waste-water drainage, water supply, data and telephone).



These Designs, Plans & Models are the property of John Edmonds Design, and are the subject of Copyright.   They, or any part of these, are not to be copied (electronically or in any form) except for the sole exclusive use of an authorised client, and the client's agents.  An authorised client is one who has purchased a copy of the Plans & Model.


All fees are in US Dollars.

Plan Thumbnails

After selecting a house in the catalog below, the order form on the next screen has a thumbnail icon which can be clicked to view the plan thumbnails..


Downloads consist of a zip file containing a set of House Plans in PDF format, and a CAD Model of the house in DWG format.


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