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Ultra Modern House Designs

Dimensioned Plans available Online

Ultra-modern house designs create impressive homes that enhance the aesthetics of the urban of physical landscape. With John Edmonds Design, you can achieve this with your own home, at very reasonable design costs, and producing high value homes.

The story of John Edmonds Design follows the development of ideas by John Edmonds. He believes the significant investment we make in our homes, should create something that is interesting, even eye-catching, rather than mediocre.. For that reason he created a business to utilize his IT skills, experience in construction project management, and passion for architecture, to help people get the best and most beautiful house design. He has designed all of his own homes.

About Us

Creative House Designs

Your dream house is waiting for you in one of John Edmonds Design’s plans. We have a variety of options that you can choose from, taking into account  the styles and sizes that you want for your own house. Whether you are an existing homeowner who needs more flexibility in your next home or a home builder who wants more ideas to implement, we have just what you need. Visit the Designs tab or scroll our home page to see for yourself the designs that you can choose from.

How it works

It is easy to get through to John Edmonds. You can view the existing designs on the Design tab.  These can be purchased and downloaded online.  You can ask John to modify them to your specific preferences. Minor modifications will be without charge, while major changes will attract moderate fees.
If you want a fresh design, John will be glad to work on it  with you. He will first  develop a Concept Plan. If you are happy with that, he will then proceed with detailed plans. When completed, these will be provided in A3 hardcopy (PDF format) and a CAD model in a dwg format.

Get Started

Get started now and get the house design you always wanted, by checking out the Design tab, or calling us at +64 27 489-5306, or email, for a quick consultation.

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